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Book Review – Poets, Artists, Lovers by Mira Tudor

Around a month back I got an email from the far away land of Romania sent by a lady called Mira Tudor. She wanted me to review her book – Poets, Artists, Lovers which was easily available for download on Kindle. I am still not used to that device and therefore I kept delaying Mira’s request.

Finally last week, I finished her book and I must say that I was very impressed with Mira’s writing. So much that I emailed her immediately.

About the book – Henriette is an accomplished sculptor but her life isn’t in a happy place. Her friend, Ela who is a piano teacher is also on her own journey to know herself. Their lives were going fine until they crossed path with a handsome man called Pamfil. Human guilt came ahead to complicate their lives further and an unwanted guest later accompanied it.

Apart from love, Poets, Lover, Artists talk about the role of friends in someone’s live. How they accept you with all your flaws and never judge you when you walk on the wrong lane of life. Mira’s love for art and music is evident in this book. She has beautifully placed these aspects without drifting from emotions. Another thing that I loved was the conversation between the characters. They were simple yet expressive, exactly how it should be.

This book has no official editor and the same trend can be seen in other books by budding writers. If only there was a way to gift these talented writers with equally talented editors, the reading world would become a blessed place.

When an author writes anything, that piece becomes a part of their soul. So, editing it with a fair and just mind becomes an impossible task. I am making this point because I sincerely hope that Mira and all the other brilliant writers get what they rightfully deserve.

Poets, Lovers Artists is available on all Amazon sites. Give this book a try and do let me know if you agree with me.

Excerpt from Mira’s reply to me:
I started writing in earnest as a fourteen-year-old: poetry inspired by one of our greatest poets, Mihai Eminescu. It was all about life and death in the grand scheme of things, and our place in the universe. Then I graduated to suffering and pastiches in the style of another celebrated Romanian writer, Nichita Stanescu, when I was sixteen. Eventually, I came to embrace love, beauty, joy, and solitude in my poetry as a twenty- and twenty-one-year-old in college, when I made time to write poems quite often for about eight months

For a long time I stuck only with poems and one-acts but then in my thirties, after reading far more fiction in English than at any previous times in my life, and discovering quite a few exciting literary magazines, I started writing short stories and the beginning of a novel. I couldn’t complete that novel but the exercise helped me as I drafted Poets, Artists, Lovers. It took me quite a few years, though, to start PAL. I guess you could say that the characters I had been thinking about took their time searching for a story far more dynamic, effective, and evocative than the previous one. Eventually, they found it, and I got the whole arc of the novel all at once.




  1. This is a really beautiful review. Sounds like you’ve read one of your favorite books ever. Maybe because you know the author, maybe not, but you sure did catch my attention. Hope to read it soon. Beautiful post!

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