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Book Review: Turtles all the way down by John Green

“Love is not a tragedy or a failure, but a gift”. And in the true sense, turtles all the way down is a gift to all John Green fans which they will forever cherish. John Green carries a baggage of expectations which he has made even heavier with this marvellous book.

The protagonist, Aza, is a sufferer of her own thoughts. Her mother – Ms Holmes and her best friend – Daisy are the most important people in her life. One day, the billionaire of the town, Russell Pickett, disappears. The authorities announce a hundred thousand dollar reward for the person who leads them to Russell. Daisy gets excited and persuades Aza to help her solve the mystery, she very well knew the connection between Aza and Russell’s son – Davis.

Aza has her own fears because which she is nowhere like a normal teenage girl. Her differences with others, the functioning of her mind, her viewpoint is written carefully without making the book just about her illness.

Like all John Green stories, this one too has abundant information on different topics. Stars, microorganisms and Star Wars are to name a few.

Someone mentioned me that they might not like the book as it is related to Star Wars. To all those people who share similar concerns, the book is not entirely about Star Wars. Yes, undoubtedly, if you are a Star Wars fan, you will like it more, but that is it.

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I finished the book in 6 hours. I couldn’t keep it aside. The enchantment on the book by John Green certainly did its magic on me. The beautiful lines, the reality of the characters, the moments of happiness, the sorrows, all of them will leave you spellbound. The book also has moments of laughter intelligently hidden by the author.

Since today is also World Mental Health Day, there could not have been a better day to release a book like this. I can honestly say that after reading this one, I understand the thoughts of someone suffering from depression or other mental illnesses better. Such people need care and patience. I hope through this book, more people become aware of this problem.

“No one ever says goodbye unless they want to see you again”. So, I will say goodbye. Do pick up this book, There is no way in hell you’ll regret it.


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