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Book Review: The Snow Queen by Michael Cunningham

A couple of days back I went for this mega sale organised by Harper Collins in Delhi. I found there lying on the floor a book by Michael Cunnigham. The cover boasted the fact that the author has been awarded the Pulitzer Prize for one of his books.  So, I thought of giving it a shot and bought a copy of the Snow Queen.

Now, I want to tell it in the beginning itself that I could not complete this novel. It really tested my patience and eventually, I gave up. The writing sure is beautiful but even after 100 pages, I couldn’t at all understand the characters and their wants. In the pursuit of literary delight, the author forgot to knit the plot.

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Terry and Barret are two brothers. One night, after a bad breakup Barrett, sees mystical lights coming from the sky. To his surprise, nobody else saw it. This incidence changed his perception towards life and turned him into a spiritual man. Oh, and also, he is gay. But thankfully, that is just a part of him and not entirely his character.

Terry, on the other hand, is trying hard to make his beloved, Beth, a song for their wedding. She is suffering from cancer and they are together dealing with what is kept in front of them.

The first half of the book is all about this. Nothing more, nothing less. That is exactly why I lost interest. After investing in the book for that long, I would have wanted to know where it was heading towards.

I have learned my lesson. Just because one of the writer’s book was widely acclaimed does not mean that all of their work will be mind-blowing.

Anyway, if you like literary writing and if you have a lot of patience, pick the Snow Queen by Michael Cunningham. Do let me know in the comments section if you agree with my review.



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