Make My Trip’s new ad film with the same old concept

Excess of anything isn’t good. The first few ads of Make My Trip starring Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh in a funny avatar were amazing. They were to the point, crisp and perfectly enacted by the two actors.

Now, after almost a year, the same pattern is being used by the brand. No wonder, unlike the previous occasions, their new advertisement fails to leave a mark.

The duo is playing the characters of Rimpy (Alia) and Ladoo (Ranveer). Rimpy is sitting in a cafe where she sees Ladoo. They ask each other about their lives. Ladoo says that he has converted his sweet shop into an online business. When Rimpy asks where Ladoo is staying, he says that he is staying in an uncle’s hotel where he is getting a 15% discount. Rimpy shows the MMT app to him on her phone and tells him about its latest feature wherein customers can get the first night stay free at hotels.

Ranveer alia mmt new ad rimpy ladoo first night stay free 2

As usual, the two actors looked good in the ad. But that is it. There is absolutely nothing new in this video to grab consumer attention. Even the video quality on Youtube is below the mark. That is why the pictures in this post look blurred.

Here is something bizarre. The shorter version of the ad which is also present in the YouTube channel of MMT ends abruptly. Despite being a huge brand, MMT hasn’t bothered to remove or edit the video. (*Also added below)

Ranveer alia mmt new ad rimpy ladoo first night stay free

Also, in today’s time when everybody is so active on social media, why don’t brands make the actors share these ad films on their accounts? Ranveer Singh is on Facebook and Instagram. Alia Bhatt is on Instagram. Both the actors have a huge fan following. Yet both of them haven’t left even a trace of this advertisement on their profiles.

Well, in tapping the audience and using the digital platform well brands and agencies still have a long way to go.

This campaign is being carried by Publicis Capital. The ad film has been done by Chrome Pictures. It has been directed by Amit Sharma and will be available in Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, and Kannada.

Watch the ad film here (Also*)


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