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16 Best Quotes from The Blind Man’s Garden

The blind man’s garden is an ensemble coalesced together which shows what war, terrorism and the fear of God can turn humanity into.  The book was written by Nadeem Aslam and first published in the year 2013. Read the full review.

While reading this wonderful book, I came across some beautiful lines which I have noted down here for you.

  1. Wounds are said to emit light under certain conditions – touch them and the brightness will stay on the hands.
  2. There are some hours when a human being needs company even if it is only a small flame.
  3. Maybe this new waiting is just part of the old one.
  4. You can’t build a life on a feeling.
  5. If anyone has been unjust towards someone, he should secure himself a pardon from the victim before it is too late.
  6. The opposite of war is not peace but civilization, and civilization is purchased with violence and cold-blooded murder. With war.
  7. Defeated love is still love.
  8. When someone thinks of us, or dreams of us with enough longing and love, we disappear from where we are.
  9. You should never ever frighten those younger than you with your own fears. Caution is one thing, but you filled me with terror.
  10. At any given moment we are entangled in all the past of mankind. Our heads encircled by the echo of every word that has even been spoken.
  11. It’s been four hundred and seventy-nine days since I saw you last. I feel like I have been in four hundred and seventy-nine wars.
  12. I’d want you in the world whether I was in it or not.
  13. Life gets in the way of your grief.
  14. When it comes down to it, it’s a man’s word that counts. That’s all the security a woman needs.
  15. Love is not a consolation, it is light.
  16. Damaged and scarred, he is still perfect and she sees why gods might wish to use human beings as instruments.

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