In A Competitive World, Tata Is Trying Simple Methods To Sell Fruski

Tata Tea has come up with a new fruit based green tea drink – Fruski. Surprisingly, I didn’t get to know about the product through a social media campaign or a television advertisement.

I went to the nearby tuck shop and there were small posters of Fruski swinging on the small entrance. After looking carefully, I even saw a brand new small fridge which had bottles and cans of Fruski in it.

Tata Tea Fruski 2

The posters were bright and had the name ‘Tata Tea’ written on them. The familiarity with the brand immediately connected me to the product and I went ahead and bought one small can of Fruski Orange. The drink didn’t disappoint me at all. It stood up to the expectations that I had from it.

Now coming to the main point. I applaud how Tata decided to sell Fruski. They are advertising the product smartly and giving the consumers a chance to buy it then and there. Think about all the money that Tata is saving by not right away indulging in a TVC or an expensive campaign.

Tata Tea Fruski 4

Everybody goes to a tuck shop. If they see a product being advertised they will naturally be attracted towards it. And when the posters are appealing and carry the goodwill of a brand like Tata, the attraction will mostly turn to something more.

Another very important point that I want to add here. When I asked the tuck shop owner about how much did he charge for promoting¬†the product on his shop, he said that they didn’t even take a penny. This proves that this marketing concept isn’t very tight on the pocket.

Tata Tea Fruski 3

Hope that Fruski increases the sales of Tata Global Beverages by a lot of amounts.

Good luck to Tata Tea.


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