Tuesday thought: Love attracts love

I have this cousin I don’t really like. Whenever I get the opportunity, I talk ill about her/him. 

The other day I was out with my parents and as usual I bitched about my cousin. My father later told me that I shouldn’t. That night something happened that made me realize how wrong was I to talk about someone.

I had a fight with a friend I dearly love. See that’s how karma works. When you think bad about someone, that bad finds its way into your life.

All of us can change our lives for better by doing something very simple. We need to stop judging others for how they are with their lovers or parents or friends. If we dislike something in them, we should simply turn our backs on that thing.  Close your eyes for a while and pray for them. Send them some positivity through your good intentions.

Hate of any kind attracts hate and love no matter how small attracts more love.

Today, strive to make your karma better. From today, try to not gossip about others. Trust me, your life will change for better. 


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