Procter & Gamble’s #TalkAboutBias

Racism is present in almost every country in the world. We try to ignore it because accepting it doesn’t make us feel good. What we forget is that by turning our back towards racism, we will not be able to really fight this evil of our society. It is better to talk to the new generation about racism. It is better to make them aware that this cruelty exists. The kids need to accept the truth to be able to handle it better.

My black is beautiful the talk racism ad P&G 1

Proctor & Gamble has made a marvellous ad film to prove this point. Mothers of different black kids are seen in the video, talking to their kids about racism. They tell them that discrimination shouldn’t hold them back in anyway and inspire them to be better despite all odds.

The video has been launched under the campaign ‘My Black Is Beautiful’. It has been made keeping in mind the United States audience but since the subject is so important, it will definitely work in other parts of the globe as well.

My black is beautiful the talk racism ad P&G 2

BBDO New York is the agency behind this work. The film has been produced by The Corner Shop and directed by Malik Vitthal.

Undoubtedly this one is #AnAdDoneWell.

Watch the full video here:


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