Watch And Read About Tanishq’s New Ad Celebrating Teej

Tanishq products are prepossessing and so are their ads. All of their TVCs manage to leave a lasting impact on the audiences with their simplicity and human touch.

Tanishq teej film old couple 8

But what is most special about Tanishq commercials is how the jewellery is perfectly placed in it. You immediately want to own it. And that is what an advertisement is supposed to do. It should attract the customers to the products and compel them to at least personally see the product.

Tanishq’s new ad that celebrates the festival of Teej continues to keep the banner of the brand high. It features an old couple, the man asks his wife if she will keep a fast on Teej, she says yes, he initially argues but later takes out two beautiful gold bracelets from his pocket and gives it to his wife. He further adds that he too will keep a fast so that they both can keep growing old together.

Tanishq teej film old couple 3Tanish teej film old aunty ad

The ad has been conceptualised by MullenLowe Lintas Group. Unfortunately, other details like the names of the actors or the production house are still not known.

Please watch the entire ad, the old lady’s smile will give you a twinkle too.


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