Trivago’s new ad nowhere on social media

So I just saw Trivago’s new advertisement on Sony Pix. Abhinav Kumar who became very famous with the earlier video is back in this one. He is all suited up in black and once again tells about the brand in a precise manner.

But the brand has made a mistake, when I tried looking for the ad on Trivago’s various social media platforms, it was nowhere to be found.

This is exactly where many brands go wrong. You need to make sure that the timing of your launch matches with all your platforms. And in today’s time, you can put an ad on social media before television but not vice versa.

In the digital age, people have a tendency to look for something online if they don’t get the full picture in the first place. Therefore it is very important that brands consider this point.

Hope Trivago uploads this ad on the Internet soon.





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