Trivago Is Back With 4 New Ads Featuring Its In-House Talent – Abhinav Kumar

And it is up on social media. After a small delay, Trivago has uploaded its new set of ads featuring their in-house talent – Abhinav Kumar on its various social media platforms.

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There are four ads in total and each describes the various features of Trivago. Abhinav is seen with better makeup and clothes. In fact, unlike the previous video, he looks more relaxed and casual in these ones. Surely his face worked for the brand that is why they chose Abhinav once again instead of a regular model. Abhinav is Trivago’s Country Development Manager and lives in Dusseldorf, Germany.

The previous ad of Trivago which was released a few months back was a minute long and in that duration itself, all the characteristics of the product were told. This time, they have used different videos to show different features of Trivago. Two ads are of 16 seconds and other two of 31. This also means that they will spend less to get these aired on the television sets.

Thanks to the length, the ad can also be used on platforms like Instagram where there is a time constraint. Surely, this is a good strategy.

Also, not to forget, Trivago makes use of Infographics really well. This is something that other brands can learn from it too.

We hope that Trivago keeps up with the good work.

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