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Book Review: An Abundance of Katherines

Okay, so I just finished ‘An Abundance of Katherines’ by John Green and I must say that the man always manages to impress me.  Also, after Fault In Our Stars and Looking for Alaska, I was so glad that nobody died in this one.

All of John Green books have an enormous amount of general knowledge. It shows how much sincerity the author puts into his work. He spent almost 10 years on Fault in Our Stars and the world knows that the book turned out to be a masterpiece. I wonder what his chain of thoughts are when he sits to write. The complexed minds of the characters, the language, the beautiful relation with the mundane realities of life, he just notes them down with utter perfection.

Anyway, coming back to An Abundance of Katherines, the book is funny, sweet and a pleasant read. If you know maths, you’ll enjoy it even more. In fact, there is an entire appendix in the book for the math nerds out there.

Child prodigy Colin Singleton had a hard luck with love. He was dumped nineteen times and ALL the girls were named KATHERINE. After Katherine XIX leaves him, he goes on a road trip with his best friend. He wants to matter, he wants to be a genius and is all pumped up to prove the theorem of underlying Katherine predictability.

If you have ever dumped someone or been dumped, then you should give this book a shot. Like all John Green books, this too is a must read.

An Abundance of Katherines will leave you with a smile.



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