Pedigree promotes dog adoption in a different way

More dogs in households simply mean more need for dog food. Simple concept, isn’t it? Staying true to this notion, Pedigree US has produced a new ad film endorsing adoption of dogs. Launched keeping in mind the National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day (April 30th) and National Pet Month (May), the video has been conceptualised by BBDO Newyork.

Normally, it is the dogs who are in cages. People go around and pick the one they like the most. But in Pedigree’s video, it is the people who are in the confinements and not the dog. The 75 seconds long ad film features multiple people of different age groups sitting in dog cages. They all are engrossed in their phones, or tablets or laptops. All of them appear frustrated. Suddenly, a dog comes and everybody starts looking at him with hope in their eyes. The dog goes and stands in front of a cage where a woman is behind the bars. She opens the door and hugs him tight.

Through this particular film, Pedigree is trying to tell people that they need a dog as much as a dog needs them. The video was uploaded on Youtube on 26th of April. Hopefully, this film will indeed raise awareness for dog adoption.

Watch the advertisement here


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