Nexa could have delivered Ciaz in a better way

An idea without proper execution mostly goes in vain. And Nexa’s new ‘Trending’ video –Delivering Ciaz the NEXA way is a classic example of that.

The video shows a young couple who have gone to take the delivery of their brand new car. When they arrive at the showroom, they are made to wait for the Relationship Manager. After a while, Bollywood heartthrob Ranveer Singh comes to them with a bunch of flowers and chocolates to congratulate them on their purchase. They all click a selfie and in the end, Ranveer is shown sitting in the car.

The video is badly shot. Ranveer Singh did try to lift it a little but what could the man do alone. The best thing that Nexa could have done with this video was not to upload it. Clearly, they have spent money to promote it on Youtube. But 150 likes and 42 dislikes out of 983,237 views say a lot, don’t they? And yes, there are plenty of bad comments too which you’ll find below the video on Youtube.

Nexa is a big brand and it should start acting like one too. Hopefully, they will learn from this blunder.

Watch the ad film here




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