Here is how Big Fat Sandwich reminded us the importance of good service in restaurant business

An advertisement can only attract you to a product or a service once. It is the experience that you receive which ultimately decides if you would want to go back to that product/place/service again or not.

Yesterday I went to a cafe in South Delhi’s Hauz Khas which looks like one sole cafe but serves from three different brands – Miam Patisserie, Blue Tokai and Big Fat Sandwich.

The person sitting next to me wanted a sanitizer. He asked the attendant for it. After a couple of minutes, a man came up to the table. He looked like one of the senior people working there. He kept a few tissues on a small plate, poured hot water on it and asked his guest to use it to clean his hands. He apologised for not having a sanitizer and added that he had sent someone to buy it from the market.

Honestly, if I was in that attendant’s place I would not have taken such an effort. I would have simply said ‘sorry’. But this simple and kind gesture taken by that wise looking man, made me realise the importance of good service in a place to eat.

The connection that I made with that place yesterday will go on for a long time. The cafe has rightfully earned my respect and increased its goodwill.

In today’s time, there are many cafes and restaurants in Delhi serving some amazing food. But not all of them have the kind of services that Miam Patisserie, Blue Tokai and Big Fat Sandwich has.

I am no food critic to judge them completely but I do think that you should visit them once. And no, they did not pay me to write this for them.

Address: A-15A Front, Hauz Khas, New Delhi

Phone Number: +91 9910455699 +91 9810646118


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