Ogilvy India and Pakistan’s new ad film featuring a Chinese woman for Shan Foods.

During the times when the environment at the borders isn’t really well, Ogilvy and Mather India and Pakistan have together come up with a mesmerising ad film #KhaanaWithParosi for Shan foods in Pakistan.

The ad features a Chinese woman who shifts to Lahore, Pakistan with her husband and feels lonely and without friends. So, to solve her problem she goes to the market and buys food items and Shan spices, watches videos, reads recipes and makes a perfect bowl of Biryani for her neighbours. She dresses up in Pakistani attire, covers her head and goes to their house where she is greeted with a lot of love and affection.

The background song in the ad film will make you wanna download it asap. As the film is shot by Absolute Productions which are based out of Mumbai, one can see many Indian actors in this TVC.

This ad film was released on April 23rd, 2017 and has already touched 7 lakh views on YouTube. The placement of the product with a beautiful message will surely benefit Shan foods.

You can watch the advertisement here:


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