BBDO recreates a story revolving George Washington for Pedigree’s new ad film

If Pedigree’s new advertisement is to be believed then in 1777, a dog brought out the good in George Washington. The ad is set in a war zone where George Washington and his soldiers were fighting against British Forces Commander-in-Chief William Howe and his troops. Accidentally General Howe’s dog forgets his path and finds his way into the Washington camp. When George Washington sees the dog, he decides to give it back to General Howe. In the end, a slide says that “General Howe called the return of his dog the honourable act of a fine gentleman.”

This engaging ad film has been done by BBDO New York and directed by Noam Murro from the Biscuit Filmworks. The set looks like a perfect reflection of that time period. The background score also goes with the theme of the story.

In totality, this advertisement is indeed a good one. Since Pedigree’s official channel still hasn’t uploaded the ad film on any of its social media platforms, we are sharing the film from another source.




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