Coca-Cola’s Deepika Padukone Ad hits 1 crore views

More than 1 crore views in less than a week prove that the new Coca-Cola TVC #LiftTheFeeling featuring Deepika Padukone has gone viral. Done by advertising agency McCann India, the advertisement features Deepika Padukone escaping the attention of media only to later get trapped in an elevator with a room service attendant. To break the heat, the young fellow offers Deepika a bottle of coke hidden in the moving tray that he was carrying. Music from the headphone of Deepika and coke unite the two to dance carefree and forget about the lift scenario.

Coca Cola Deepika Ad

According to a report in The Mint, “The current campaign will be subsequently hyper localised for Punjab with singer and actor Diljit Dosanjh.” I am sure the audiences will be thrilled to know that.

With this TVC, McCann and Coca-Cola have surely hit the right note. With now, Deepika also being an international artist, one can hope that this advert will help the brand in other countries apart from India.

Watch the Advertisement here:




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