Indus Pride’s new ad helped Sushmita Sen more than the product

Sushmita Sen has made a comeback in a new advert of Indus Pride. Every other social media channel spoke about how beautiful the actress looked in the ad. But was that the purpose of making this TVC?

Why do brands keep forgetting that a TVC isn’t about an actor but the content? I personally hated this ad. It looked like it could easily sell a face cream or a shampoo. The voice over in the background in the actresses voice despite being averagely good is not powerful enough to leave an impact on the audience. In short, the ad just features Sushmita Sen and NOT THE PRODUCT. No wonder the TVC hardly has 40 views on YouTube.

Honestly, even the actress didn’t look that great in this advert. Here is the thing, when you have the money, when you have the right kind of resouces and people, USE THEM.

In my opinion, this ad film won’t do much good to the brand. Hopefully next time they will realise what David Ogilvy once said, “A good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself.”

Watch the TVC and tell us if you agree


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