Titan – Old jingle, new advert

In advertising, jingles are a powerful tool. We always knew this but the new advertisement of Titan Edge Ceramic has given us a pleasant reminder of this belief.

Years ago in 1986, late Suresh Malik who was at that time the national creative director of Ogilvy & Mather India, used a beautiful piece of Mozart Symphony in a Titan advert. Back then and even now most of the Indians didn’t know about Mozart. Therefore, here the music became an identity of Titan alone.

In an article published in LiveMint in November 2007, former vice-chairman and managing director of Titan Industries Ltd, Xerxes Desai, said, “The music was singularly appropriate. It was young and full of zest, and yet classy and elegant. It fit well with the character of the brand we were seeking to create”.

With its new ad film which was made by Ogilvy & Mather Bangalore and Hungry Films, Titan is still reaping the benefits of those music notes that Mozart sowed decades ago.  The visuals are simple. Black background and a pair of hands hitting bowls of water with music sticks to generate the legendary Titan Jingle. Water droplets bouncing and the ripple effect on the bowls when the sticks hit them is captured with great detail under the direction of Vijay Sawant. It is important to also mention that the black background and the placements of the bowls give a feel of the product that the film is endorsing.


We are glad that Titan made this ad film so simple looking. The brand has taught us the value of developing its assets over the period of time. The cost of that jingle must have outgrown its deferred time on the financial statements of the company. The benefits, however, will go on for a long time ahead.

Kudos to Titan,Ogilvy & Mather Bangalore and Hungry Films.

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Watch the ad film here: 

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