Lufthansa’s new ad not the best one

On 23rd March, Lufthansa India uploaded a new ad film on its YouTube channel. The video was made by Mrm New Delhi with the Production house – Czar.

It looks like some good amount of money went into the video, but somehow it didn’t look appealing enough. A coach from a foreign land plans a strategy to defeat the Indians in a cricket match. Throughout the TVC, he tells the players that if they want to beat Indians then they will have to think, eat, meditate or if need be even dance like Indians.

In the end, one of the players asks, ” Shouldn’t we also fly like Indians?”, to which the coach replied, “Absolutely”. They all smile and in the next scene, they are shown sitting in Lufthansa plane enjoying Indian food and music.


Both the execution and timing of this TVC aren’t really the best. The entire act looked very made up, especially the end. With the entire Kohli drama that happened during the series with Australia, maybe if the video was released a few weeks back, it could have worked better for Lufthansa. Now with the IPL season coming up, people won’t be as affected with this as they would have if the series was still on.

Watch the ad film and share your feedback with us.


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