Momentum Energy’s best “Hi”

DDB is amongst the top advertising agencies in the world. Time and again it keeps reminding us that why it rightly deserves to hold that position. This time the reminder came from their Australian division with an ad film for Momentum Energy called “Hi”. It was uploaded on Vimeo in November 2016. Although, some channels are claiming that it was released in February 2017.

The ad film starts with an old man looking at an old lady. They both work as cleaning personnel in buildings right opposite to each other. A while after catching her first sight, he tries waving to her from his building but it goes in vain. So, the man collects all lamps from across the office, turns off all the tubes, and places the lamps in a way that once turned on, they form a “Hi” from outside. The woman can’t help but notice this and in the end, the man and the woman meet and walk away together.


The lamps and their effect will not just touch your heart but will also not let you forget that the ad film is endorsing Momentum Energy – Australian owned and operated, energy retailer.

Abe Forsythe – the director and Lachlan Milne – the director of photography, have done a great job with the execution of this idea. The two have also worked together in a popular movie of 2016 called Down Under. The background music in the end by Karl Richter / Level 2 Music goes perfectly with the entire setting.

Overall, this video is definitely #AnAdDoneWell

Watch it here.



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