5 reasons why Trivago ad is a good one

There is one ad that keeps coming on Indian television on many channels. At first, I did not like this TVC. In fact, I even remember making fun of the actor in it. But then after watching it time and again, I realised that this ad is actually a good one.

The purpose of an ad should be to inform the consumers about the product. It shouldn’t give an unrealistic idea and should only try to give the real picture.

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 3.28.22 PM.png

Let me now tell you what I think Trivago did right.

1.) Language: The person talks in a mix of Hindi and English which is exactly how many of us talk these days. This makes an immediate connection with the audiences.

2.) Duration: The ad might appear long but it is exactly a minute long.

3.) Tells the consumers what the product is and how to use it: The ad clearly and in simple words tells the consumers what Trivago is all about. The man in the ad whose name is Abhinav Kumar and is also Trivago’s Country Development Manager, tells the consumers how Trivago is used and how they can benefit from it.

4.) Proper/No edits for television: This is an important point, as many commercials lose their essence once they are cropped or edited for Television medium. Every time I have watched the Trivago ad, it never felt incomplete.

5.) Channels and slots: Trivago ad is shown on a number of channels and between important shows/movies.

Advertising is meant to sell products and create an awareness of it. Well done Trivago and team 🙂

Watch the ad here:




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