Every tea lover will understand the importance of a good cup of freshly prepared tea. It can light up moods and bring back lost memories. In march 2017, Brooke Bond Red Label, a tea brand, has come up with two very important ad films. Both of them under the banner of Ogilvy and Mather.

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One of them titled “forgotten” has Piyush Pandey as the creative director and Prasoon Pandey as the director of it. The two brothers have a big name in the world of advertising. Therefore, it is a complete joy to watch an ad film made by them.

Read about the second ad film here

The ad film features an old lady who has Alzheimer. She is gazing at something with a straight face when a young man enters her living room and makes her a nice cup of tea. Only after having the first sip she says her words in the film. She addresses the young man has her son but later it is told that he is just her neighbour.

Piyush Pandey has this unique quality of being simple and yet to the point. That’s exactly what he did with this particular ad film.

Watch the film here for the love of chai 🙂



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