Ghadi Detergent Holi Ad Lacked Execution

Sometimes you look at an ad film and you get a feeling that perhaps it could have looked better if the story was twisted a little.

Today, I came across one such commercial. Ghadi Detergent’s new ad film “IS HOLI SAARE MAEL DHO DAALO”, was released on 5th March 2017. It highlights a situation that arises very often with girls during the Holi season.

The ad campaign has been conceptualised and created by ADK Fortune.

A group of guys are staring at a girl and her friend. One of them, who is the leader of the gang, goes ahead and puts colour on her face without asking for her permission. The girl is stunned and scared initially and then all of a sudden, very abruptly, she gets the power to come back with a solid reply.

Before I make my point, I request you to look at the video once.

Now that you have watched the film, don’t you think that the transition from sadness to boldness was very strange and not executed well?

Well, I strongly felt so. And it made me wonder that maybe the makers could have utilised the other girl in the video. What if she was the one who said all those powerful lines to the pervert. The video would have made more sense too and would have looked less unrealistic. Edited

Or perhaps the transitioning could have been better. The basic idea of this ad is very good. Full marks for that. The execution, however, brought its value down.

Just a thought. Do let me know if you agree.