Ogilvy made Benzac pool spotless

When an adviser gets a client, he has to promote it. It’s like how it is with doctors or lawyers. No matter how good or bad your clients are you have to save/help them.

Today I came across this inventive print ad of BENZAC POOL which was made in 2012 by Ogilvy & Mather Bogota (Columbia). Creative Directors – Diego Cardenas, Mauricio Guerrero did a fabulous work on this one. They showed how an acne looks from beneath the skin surface. The bulging gap was compared to a boy’s distance from a beach gathering, a man’s distance from his date and a girl’s distance from a dance party (three different creatives)


The point that I was trying to make with this particular ad was that as advertisers, we will very often come across products that are judged by the society. We need to remember that we have to make the best possible creative to tell consumers what the product is all about.

Be honest to the product and you shall succeed.

Kudos to Ogilvy & Mather Bogota 🙂




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