One moon, different brands #SimilarAds

Recently I saw a print ad that I really liked a lot. I was amazed how simply the makers had used the lid of the box of a night cream to compare it to the moon. That ad was made by
Fusion Media Group for Nivea night cream (owned by Beiersdorf Global AG) in September 2000.


While going through google today, I found a very similar looking ad. This one was made by Publicis Sao Paulo in 2004 for Vicks Vaporub in Brazil. After looking at that I immediately had the urge to find out if there were more ads that looked like these.


Shockingly or weirdly I found two more and one of them was of Mcdonalds. In 2010, Leo Burnett Casablanca was the agency behind the “moon” ad for Mcdonalds and they made the top bread of a burger look like a moon.


After all, what was shocking was that 14 years later in 2014, Fusion Media Group once again used the “moon” concept on another night cream called Olay – for beauty sleep. You must also know that both Vicks cough and cold products and Olay skin care products are owned by Procter & Gamble.

Well, it is hard to believe that the similarity in these ads can be a coincidence, the pictures are there for you to analyse for yourself.

Let us know what you feel. 🙂




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