Molson Canadian brings back the fridge

Timing is a very important factor to be considered before going for a campaign or an advertisement. An idea might be good but it will not leave a desired impact on the audiences if it isn’t timed well.

With the arrival of Donald Trump and his anti-migration plans, many people saw hope in a country called Canada. Its Prime Minister Justin Trudeau publicly said that those who weren’t welcome in the United States will be given a home in Canada.


Within a week of the announcement, on 4th February, Molson Canadian came back with a new edition of its Beer Fridge campaign ad-film and once again reminded the world that Canada is indeed a place for all.

A fridge with a message “Say I am Canadian to open fridge”, was kept in different locations. People got attracted towards it and tried doing what was asked of them. In no time, they realised that they will have to say “I am Canadian” in different languages to open the fridge. This brought a feeling of joy to those who shared their roots with other countries.


Molson Canadian beer fridge campaign was first introduced in 2013. Molson and it’s ad agency Rethink built fridges that could only be opened with a Canadian passport. The fridges were left at random locations in Europe and people’s reaction was caught on a video.

The beer brand has done a fabulous job with this commercial. Kudos to them.

Unfortunately, due to privacy issues, the latest video couldn’t be embedded here. You can watch it on the official page of Molson Canadian.


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