McDonald’s Ad Film For Its McDelivery App

Old age brings along rigidity and makes people cynical. All of us who have grandparents at home would perfectly relate to this feeling. But have you ever imagined the plight of those who don’t have anybody else to take care of them when they turn old?

McDonald’s latest ad film for its McDelivery app tries to portray the lives of two such people who have fallen prey to loneliness and unsaid sadness.

An old man and an old woman who are neighbors are annoyed with each other’s habits. One day, the old man is ditched by his child and is deprived of his sole dinner opportunity in a long time. To rescue him from this dejection, his neighbor, the old lady surprises him with a meal from McDonald’s. The commercial which is named “Convenience at your fingertips with McDelivery App”, was conceptualized by Leo Burnett and went live on 30th January 2017.

The ad is made in ‘Hindi’ and tries to target Indian audience. But what makes it beautiful is that it will work globally as this pain of living alone is not restricted to territorial boundaries. To further add to its beauty even the music in the background goes perfectly with the visual setting of the commercial.

Watch this ad and find yourself smiling in the end 🙂



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