Titan redefines motherhood

Lifestyle choices have begun to take a different turn now. People everywhere are trying to break stereotypes and luckily for the advertising industry, many brands have begun to acknowledge this change.

When it comes to playing with the emotional quotient of audiences, Titan has always done a good job. Their new ad campaign “Khud se naya rishta”, featuring a pregnant lady thanking her mother and talking about her different outlook of motherhood has managed to touch many hearts.

Mother Daughter.jpg

Conceptualized by Ogilvy Bangalore, the commercial successfully shows how being a mother should be a choice and not a sacrifice. What is also important is that the brand focused on the upper middle-class society knowing that they are the ones who buy their product the most.

I hope that Titan keeps making such beautiful ads. Their deals with Ogilvy and Mather are doing wonders to them and they shouldn’t let it go.

If you don’t understand Hindi, I would request you to turn on the subtitles when you watch this ad.

See it here 🙂



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