A delightful ‘Journey’ by Mercedes

A good advertisement isn’t bound by any language. It touches the heart of anyone who puts their eye on it. In times when almost all automobile ads look the same, Mercedes-Benz served the consumers a treat to admire.


Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz and Leithaus Filmproduction made ‘The Journey’ in 2012. Beautifully shot by Roland Stuprich (Director of photography), the commercial shows the journey of a little boy (Child Actor – Louis) who has a habit of running away from his house in the middle of the night only to enjoy a ride back home in his favorite car.


We all grew up believing that having a Mercedes is a luxury, we looked up to it, we envied anyone who possessed it. But who would have thought that this memory could be captured so flawlessly?

I just followed the director of this ad – Andreas Bruns on twitter, tried finding Roland too but couldn’t. I think it’s proof enough how much I liked the art and creativity behind ‘The Journey’.

Hope to see more of such stuff from the makers in the future 🙂

Watch the Ad



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