Syria: Protests to War


Can you see the red dot on the picture above? That’s Syria on the world map. This small nation has gone through unimaginable pain over the past few years. The country once saw laughing kids, merry families, beautiful architecture and simple life. But now it has been deprived of all this and left with deserted lands and black future.

Many people have been talking about the misery that has engulfed Syria but how many of us actually know what really caused the war?  Here is the thing, to know someone’s plight you need to know what happened to them.


Before 2011 Syria was somewhat at Peace. Bashar al-Assad was at that time the President of Syria and has continued to hold the office even now. Somewhere in 2011, a group of children was arrested in the Deraa town of Syria. Their fault was that they drew and wrote anti-government graffiti on a wall. Protests emerged against these arrests and on 18th March 2011 the army opened fire on the rebels and killed four. The very next day army again opened fired at mourners at the victims’ funerals killing another person.


Soon the anger began to rise and in almost a year the Red Cross International declared that the situation in Syria had turned into a civil war. There were many small groups of protestors which largely demanded the resignation of Bashar al-Assad. But the President didn’t offer to do so and hence the fight continued.

To make things worse for Syria,  the Islamic State  (IS) took over a large part of the country due to its closeness to Iraq. So now, the rebels fought against President Assad and IS. President fought against IS and Rebels and IS fought against the people of Syria and Assad.

The involvement of IS turned this civil war into a global one as countries like US, UK and Russia were all in to fight against the terror group.

Amongst all these wars, the world couldn’t keep ignoring the cries of people of Aleppo and other towns of Syria. People who managed to survive and escape Syria were offered homes by other countries. ” In September 2015, a report showed Germany welcoming hundreds of migrants, while Prime Minister David Cameron said the UK would accept up to 20,000 people from Syrian refugee camps by 2020. France said it would take in 24,000 people.”BBC Report


Others were being reached out. Help was being sent from across the world to civilians in distress in Syria, but in September 2016 a convoy of aid lorries was hit by an attack. UN the decided to stop all aids to Syria.

On December 30th, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a ceasefire between Syrian opposition groups and the Syrian government. It had only been four days when a group of rebels began showing signs of tension due to the attacks in Damascus. In all fairness, it will be difficult to judge the future of this Ceasefire.


To say that the Syrians have suffered is an understatement. They have seen the worse that can happen to the human race.

I know that many of us feel helpless and don’t know how to help these people. Well, I heard somewhere that when we pray for others, it has more power to heal. Therefore I don’t forget to include all the innocents of Syria in my prayers. I hope you do too.

God, be kind to Syria.