Soft Drinks Industry Too Sober On Social Media

I came across the Facebook Page of 'Pepsi India' today. They had put a Facebook post on 26th December 2016. Before this, the last post was put on 16th December. Pepsi, didn’t even wish it’s customers on Christmas.

Did you know that an average person has five social media accounts and spends almost 1 hour and 40 minutes daily browsing on these platforms? Well, many big brands know this and hence they have set aside teams who focus especially on social media platforms. These teams make sure that they squeeze and twist and extract the most from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and what not.

So, if I am a brand and I know that all my competitors are also on these social media platforms then I should take more efforts to reach out to my current and potential customers. I need to be out there reminding them daily that I exist. I need to wish them on holidays, understand their plight during times of demonetization, in all do anything to let them know that they are important and I am not gonna take them for granted.

Now coming to why I am writing all of this. Well, accidentally I came across the Facebook Page of ‘Pepsi India‘ today. They had put a Facebook post on 26th December 2016. Before this, the last post was put on 16th December. Pepsi, didn’t even wish it’s customers on Christmas. There have been only six posts in the 26 days of December by them.


After looking at Pepsi, I searched for Coca-Cola’s page.  To be a little fair, they did wish their customers on Christmas but in the month of December, they have published only 3 posts so far.

By now, I had already decided that I’ll go through the Facebook Pages of all Soft Drink brands.  My next choice was Thums Up. Well, they had a campaign ‘Veer Walkathon’ running and still there were only 4 posts in December.


Limca doesn’t even have a verified page. To top it, their two recent posts were in November and August.

Fanta is even worse. Their ‘Facebook India’ page has posts in a regional language. Also, only two posts in December.

Screen Shot 2016-12-26 at 3.30.19 PM.png

Mirinda India has perhaps appointed a new Social Media Manager because they have put three posts in the last twenty-four hours.  Before this, their last posts were in July.  Despite having many likes on the Facebook page, they still haven’t got their account verified. Mountain Dew, Sprite, Maaza, even they are extremely irregular on Facebook. Similar to Fanta, even Maaza had some regional posts.

It won’t be wrong to say that the Soft Drinks Industry as a whole isn’t exploiting the social media channels to the best of their abilities. I didn’t look at the other social media platforms other than Facebook because in India Facebook is still on the top and if a brand isn’t active on this platform then it has already failed the test.

The youth that our Soft Drinks Industry caters to spends most of its time checking Facebook updates. These brands need to understand this and act towards making their social media channels more interactive. They should post AT LEAST one creative every day.  Even on Sunday’s. After all, Facebook does offer an option of ‘Scheduling’.


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