Smile and Move On.

Love is a funny word. Everybody defines it differently and now there are so many meanings of it in the world that the word has begun to lose its clarity. But unfortunately, many of us have already become the victims of this confusion.

This is how it generally starts. You meet someone, you like them and in no time they become your only reason for waking up in the morning. You think of them night and day and you crave for their one glimpse. You are happy, you are so in love, life feels beautiful.

For some this lasts, for many life takes a different turn. Something or the other happens and you realise that it isn’t working out. You can see the flaws in the other person but you chose to ignore them. Your friends try to highlight the rights but hey what do they know, right ? You find every possible way to oversee the obvious.


“It is okay that he yelled at me, maybe it was my fault”,

“He abused me because he was angry, he didn’t really mean it”,

“He doesn’t love her, they are only ‘friends'”,

“He wants me to quit my job because I am a girl and I am not supposed to work late at night and he is right”,

“I won’t buy that short dress because he thinks I am too fat for it”

These are not statements, they are excuses that you make not just to others but also to yourself. You need to realise that love can no way stand without respect. Controlling, demanding, expecting someone to change, abusing, forcing, deciding for the other person, isn’t really love.

When you love someone, you let them be right? You do so much for them. Stand their abuses, their mood swings, their cribbing, their betrayal, their complaints and what not. They are signs that show that it’s time to move on.


Yes maybe once they loved you but darling love just isn’t enough. Also, love can fade away. Live in the present. If he loved you then it’s not necessary that he loves you still. Time changes, people and circumstances change with it. It’s bitter, but it’s true.

Everybody came in this world to be happy. Being in a toxic relationship pulls you down, it shakes your self confidence, and you begin to doubt your every move. If you are in a similar situation then it is time to move on. Open your eyes. Stop justifying his every move. Stop hiding his bad deeds from your friends.

The more you delay it, the more the memories will get sour. If you can’t be YOU with someone then you better bid them adieu. So grab whatever happy moments you can, tell him that you deserve better, smile and move on….


P.s. If you are a boy, please change all ‘he’ to ‘she’ and ‘him’ to ‘her’





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