Indian Express, she is still alive

When you study journalism, there are a few things that are poured in your mind. You always have to stick to the facts, other than the editorials you aren’t allowed to give your opinion and most importantly you are taught to listen only to a genuine source.


Unfortunately, in the time of digital media, a lot of our channels are overlooking these essential points which are screwing up with Journalism in many ways. The latest example being of The Indian Express over Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa’s “death” .

First,  through an update on their Mobile App they announced that she died. Then they also went ahead and posted it as a Facebook update. After that they even did a follow-up story “A look into the life of Amma” . Later they changed the headline and edited the story a little to save some grace.


We get it that they want to be the first ones to reveal all the news and to come up with the best stories but this is no way of doing journalism. Indian Express as a newspaper is very good but the mistakes being made by its digital team/social media team is worsening the reputation of this newspaper which it has been carrying since a long time now.

Some months back even NDTV made a similar mistake. They announced PV Sindhu’s defeat in the Olympic final way before the match. For this, they were widely criticised in and outside of the journalism world. In fact, they were rightly trolled wherever possible.


Here is the thing, some days are crucial, certain news can affect many lives. In this particular case, J Jayalalithaa is a very important personality. God forbid if she dies then so many people in Tamil Nadu and other parts of South India will hurt themselves and others around. This has been the usual trend of Tamil Nadu and we can’t ignore it.

Hopefully, our journalists will be more conscious from now on.