Sujoy Fails At Narrating Kahaani 2

Movie: Kahaani 2

Cast: Vidya Balan, Arjun Rampal, Tunisha Sharma, Jugal Hansraj, Kharaj Mukherjee

Kahaani 2 Direction: Sujoy Ghosh

In 2003 Sujoy Ghosh made the very famous movie Jhankaar Beats. The film with its music, modern outlook towards relationships and its relevance with the Aam Admi gave it a lot of recognition and love especially from the young people of that time.


After Jhankar Beats, Sujoy went a little off track and made some disastrous movies like Home Delivery: Aapko… Ghar Tak and Aladin. But then in 2012, he made a remarkable come back with Kahaani for which he was awarded the Filmfare Award for Best Director and the National Film Award for Best Screenplay.

In the year 2016 itself, the man set the bar even higher with his movie Te3n. And now just after a few months, he has once again disappointed the audiences with Kahaani 2. The film had all the necessary raw materials that a director could wish for. With exceptionally talented actors like Vidya Balan and Arjun Rampal, and the backbone of Kahaani franchise Sujoy could have brought a lot more on the platter.


The movie failed on various levels. The story was not engaging enough. It lacked the idea that could have made it a successful story, somewhere in the middle of the movie only the audiences could easily guess the climax, the background score and the songs went unnoticed, the screenplay and the shot selection was nowhere close to the original Kahaani, and some scenes like Arjun Rampal’s wife’s pregnancy could have easily been cropped to tighten up the movie.


The only thing rather the person that saved Sujoy this time was Vidya Balan. The actress with her top notch acting skills made the public overlook the flaws in the movie. Arjun Rampal suited his character of a police officer.  In fact, the little girl who played Vidya’s apparent daughter was also a treat to watch.


One should know that a movie is a failure when the audiences forget about it soon after leaving the theatres. Sujoy Ghosh has nobody but himself to blame for the defects in the movie. Hopefully, he will once again climb back the ladder and reach to his true capabilities.

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