Joy Breaking Stereotype? We beg to differ.

A lot of people are praising Joy’s move of taking Bharti Singh in their latest television commercial. In the advertisement made by Joy (RSH) Internal Marketing Team, the actress talks about the plight of every plump girl and how many often we fail to recognize that they are beautiful too.

The ad in itself is pretty nice. But in the end, it ruins itself by saying “Beautiful by nature”. How is telling the people that a fat girl is beautiful because she has a good nature breaking a stereotype ? Joy is encouraging the prevailing mindset of the society which doesn’t let us appreciate or look beyond the fat on someone’s body.

Joy’s PR team did some smart work. The day the ad was released, all most all social media pages had only praises for the commercial. Of course, some of them were paid and the remaining just followed the herd. If only they understood and bothered to relate the tagline of the product with the commercial, they would have understood this imperative point that we are trying to make.


There are so many plump people we know who are very good looking and it’s nothing to do with their nature. In fact, they are even blessed with soft skin. Fat people can be/are beautiful. Period. Don’t let them feel other ways.

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