Doublemint #StartSomethingFresh

I saw this commercial of Doublemint on television first. It was an extremely edited version and as usual didn’t do any justice to the product. Then I decided to look for it on  Youtube and I realised that the original TVC/Short-film was in fact 3 minutes and 30 seconds long. Considering how expensive it is to showcase an ad on TV, I can’t really blame the makers.


At the start of the ad, you might feel that it’s just an ordinary love story. But by the end, you’ll realize how beautifully the product was used, placed and established in the commercial. Using an emotional connect the creative minds behind this ad ‘BBDO India’ make sure that they leave a lasting impact on your mind.

The soulful voice of Shaan adds to the strength of the advertisement. And lastly the most important thing, this commercial has been directed by none other than Mr Shoojit Sircar. Perhaps that is why it looked so apt and complete. Having said all of this one can also not ignore the fact that the advertisement is mostly copied by a famous advertisement of Extra Gum: The Story of Sarah & Juan (Also a Wrigley Product).

Using a song or a short film is a good way to connect with the audiences and establish a brand. We have seen ‘Ching’s secret’ using this method in the past to capitalize on Indian Market. But Doublemint is losing this opportunity by not telecasting the commercial through the right mediums. It could have perhaps invested in various social media channels to circulate this beautifully crafted video that they have made which could have served as an asset to them.

An advertisement is a failure if it doesn’t reach the audiences with the intent that it was made. The commercial has 2,629,013 views on Youtube at the moment. But the fact that so many people have not heard/watched it, speaks the reality. Wrigley India still has time which they can’t afford to lose and hence they should rectify the mistakes that they have made. I hope that this commercial gets the credit that it rightly deserves.

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