Whisper #LikeAGirl

What does it mean to do something like a girl? It’s amazing how a brand like Whisper used a simple question to prove a very important perspective prevailing in the society. The commercial is very simple. People – both girls and boys, men and women are asked questions about girls. Their true responses have been packaged and turned into an advertisement.

The TVC promotes the hashtag #LikeAGirl. If you search for it on youtube, you’ll realize that the advertisement was uploaded by Whisper Philippines on July 5th, 2014. In short, the advertisement is almost two years old.

In times when other sanitary napkin brands are talking about smell free pads and how one can use a pad for hours (without mentioning how unhygienic it is), Whisper is doing some unique work with bringing out a different picture which helps the consumers to connect with the product.


The question is what took so long for such a powerful campaign to reach the Indian Television Sets? And even now, this advertisement is majorly being shown only own English Channels and not the Hindi and regional ones. The translated versions are running on social media but they are nowhere near justice.

Whisper and P&G should capitalize on this campaign and this advertisement. It can do wonders to them. It’s a simple and yet a powerful message that they have come up with. It can certainly help in building a great amount of goodwill for the Company and the product.


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