Can’t feel the Appy Fizz

What do you think is the purpose of an advertisement? Well, it is certainly not just to entertain. Advertisement cost is normally a very expensive one and it is set aside to attract more and more customers to the product. But unfortunately, we see so many big brands many often investing in what we’d like to call – ‘Bad Advertising’.


One such advertisement is the Appy fizz one starring Priyanka Chopra. According to a report in Exchangeformedia which was published in May 2016,  ‘Parle Agro is investing Rs 70 crore overall in terms of Advertising spends propelling Appy Fizz to take the next leap.’ So, one can easily assume that Parle Agro spent crores on this bizarre advertisement.

Watch the ad for yourself

We as consumers will never go to buy this product after watching this advertisement. The commercial also does not give us any reason to retain the product in our minds. Hence, we’ll forget about it two minutes after watching. Or perhaps in a worse case scenario, they wanted people to think how lame the advertisement was and in that way influence the consumers.

Despite watching this ad more than ten times, we could not understand anything in it besides the very old joke ‘you guys need some balls’. This 55 seconds long commercial proves how sometimes big brands hire celebrities to get rid of planning and packaging an advertisement. To make things even bad, now an edited version of the ad is telecasted which is even more pathetic.

Here is the thing, Appy Fizz is a unique product. Many people like it. And it’s high time that Parle Agro as a producer understands that a product cannot be sold just by using faces like Priyanka Chopra.

Appy fizz is still enjoying its goodwill in the market which was once created by its mascot and Saif Ali Khan. Before time turns bad Parle Agro should once again understand the needs of its product and cater to the correct marketing needs. Till then we can only hope that people continue feeling the fizz.


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